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Ethics and Charity



Founded in Australia, Bring Back a Smile Foundation is a non-for-profit charity organisation initiated by Dr. Deepan Duraisamy which provides support and treatment to help people smile from the heart. This organisation assists those whose cannot smile with confidence due to genetic disposition, facial trauma or result of injury.

Work done for Bring Back A Smile Foundation by Dr. Dee is free of charge on patients who have genuine financial constraints.  Please note that this generous work does not extend to patients wanting free dental and cosmetic treatment.

All pro bono work is treated with utmost confidentiality and at the discretion of Dr. Dee and Bring Back A Smile Foundation.

How are the donations spent:
Due to the case by case nature of those in need of smile treatment, all funds raised for Bring Back A Smile Foundation go towards meeting the needs of our interstate and international candidates which include:

  • Travel expenses (Accommodation, Food and Drink, flights etc.)
  • Third part laboratory expenses

No funds are used towards Dr. Dee or any Vogue Dental Studios staff fees as Dr. Dee donates his time and services pro bono to Bring Back A Smile Foundation.

No funds will be used towards maintenance of this website, commercial gain or events organised with Bring Back A Smile Foundation.

To apply for Bring Back A Smile Web Series
bringbackasmilefoundation@gmail.com with the following information:

• Contact info (name, number and email address)
• Photos of your current smile showing your teeth (front on, left side profile, right side profile)
• Your story in 500 words or less including:
(1) Why does your smile hold you back?
(2) How has your life been affected by your current smile?
(3) Why do you think you deserve a smile makeover?

• Applicants must be 18 years old or over.
• Applicants must be comfortable being on camera and sharing their story.
• All applicants will remain confidential.
• Bring Back A Smile Foundation holds the right to refusal, as not every application/case is suitable or remains within the abilities of our treatment.



Our Values

Here at Clear Braces Centre, we base our integrity and work structure on our strong ethics and morals. We ensure that all our staff understand and employ our values whilst abiding by ethical principles.

Our guarantee includes:

  • By no means do we offer unnecessary or unwanted treatments
  • Unlimited support and guidance
  • Walking and guiding you through every step of your treatment
  • Recommendations of other health professionals or experts to give you further assistance when necessary or upon request
  • Offering you factual and accurate information
  • Obtaining your full and informed consent prior to commencing any treatment
  • We will respect your privacy and personal needs
  • We follow and adhere to the set guidelines established by the ADA and AHPRA.

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