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JACINTA’S Journey To Smile

Here’s to all the individuals out there who have always been too self-conscious and afraid to smile. We know what it’s like to laugh with your hand over the mouth; to not smile back at strangers; to take selfies with your lips together and more importantly, talking to people and seeing their eyes fixated on your teeth.

Vogue Dental Studios will be releasing a short film on the life of Jacinta’s Journey To Smile. She has total enamel hypoplasia and there was nothing she can do about it –> until now.

As a successful candidate of our Give Back A Smile Program, Jacinta will be coming to Vogue Dental Studios for a complete makeover. She has kindly allowed us to document her story not just for herself and not just for us. She is doing this for all the people out there who are in a similar circumstance but are too afraid to seek help. There is hope. There is help and there are people in the world that care. We salute all those individuals who have gotten the courage to come forward and make a change. Life is about opportunity, happiness, success and love. The first person we should love is ourselves.

Cosmetic dentist, Dr Deepan Duraisamy [Dr Dee] from Melbourne, has completed a smile transformation on a Kiwi mum that had tears jerking and faces grinning.
As a successful candidate of their Give Back a Smile Foundation, Jacinta Maguire, 27, was flown from Christchurch to Melbourne for a complete smile makeover.

Despite the loving wife and mother having a difficult upbringing battling her severe enamel hypoplasia, she is now embracing in the brand new person she sees in the mirror and excited to put her past behind her.

“He [Dr Dee] has this heart that doesn’t fit in his body and it’s huge and my thing is that he’s giving me a piece of his heart and I’m going to wear it so proudly for the rest of my life.

I am a nobody from Christchurch, I’m just a mum doing my thing, being a wife, like, he [Dr Dee] has saved my life, just ah! I can’t even explain it!” said Jacinta.

After her emotional grand reveal, Jacinta cannot wipe the smile off her face.

“People better watch out ‘cause I am so coming!” Laughs Jacinta.
Dr Dee, an accomplished cosmetic dentist and founder of Vogue Dental Studios in Melbourne has set up the Give Back a Smile Foundation to help those like Jacinta by providing dental treatments valued over $60,000 free of charge, for one deserving candidate each year.

“More often than not, dental malformations not only have a significant physical impact upon the individual affected but also sociological issues such as poor confidence and anxiety.

Jacinta is such a beautiful individual with a big personality and infectious warmth. There couldn’t have been a more deserving candidate.” says Dr Dee.

The transformation was an absolute success, drawing in extensive social media support from both Vogue Dental Studios’ and Jacinta’s Journey to Smile followers.

“Can’t wait to see the new Jacinta Maguire….I’m so so happy for you Babe….xxx,” a follower comments.

Awarded Melbourne’s Top Cosmetic Dentist in 2015 and 2016 by the Leading Physicians of the World, Dr Dee is a talented cosmetic dentist who fortifies his reputation by undertaking complex, challenging and multi-disciplinary cases with the least biological loss achievable.

For more information or to apply for our Give Back A Smile Program, please email info@voguedentalstudios.com.au



Our Values

Here at Clear Braces Centre, we base our integrity and work structure on our strong ethics and morals. We ensure that all our staff understand and employ our values whilst abiding by ethical principles.

Our guarantee includes:

  • By no means do we offer unnecessary or unwanted treatments
  • Unlimited support and guidance
  • Walking and guiding you through every step of your treatment
  • Recommendations of other health professionals or experts to give you further assistance when necessary or upon request
  • Offering you factual and accurate information
  • Obtaining your full and informed consent prior to commencing any treatment
  • We will respect your privacy and personal needs
  • We follow and adhere to the set guidelines established by the ADA and AHPRA.

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