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Vogue Dental Studios’ Tips for Looking after your Smile this Christmas!

3rd December 2016 | Latest News

VDS’ Tips for Looking after your Smile this Christmas!

Christmas, like all festive seasons, comes with a guarantee of binge eating the sweet cakes of celebration and of course, alcohol consumption. Many of us can lose track of the importance of keeping your teeth healthy and maintaining a beautiful, happy smile.

Here are some advice from Vogue Dental Studios to ensure that you will be spending your money on Christmas presents and Boxing Day salesnot teeth!

VDS tip 1 – Of course you can have sweets. By all means, eat to your hearts content. BUT (yes, there is a real big but here), please be wary of what you put into your body and know that candy canes, Christmas puddings and pies are high in sugar (especially the dried fruit that’s in the Christmas cakes). Unfortunately sugar likes to latch onto teeth and because of this, can cause cavities if we don’t upkeep our oral hygiene routine.

VDS tip 2 Alcohol. We often battle with this substance called alcohol. Is alcohol my friend or not? No, alcohol is not an acquaintance. Here’s three reasons why:
A. There are lots of acids in alcohol that eats away our enamel.
B. Sweet alcohol is high in sugar content (sugar also bad).
C. Dehydration. Alcohol causes dehydration and when we are dehydrated, we produce less saliva. The human mouth requires saliva to protect our enamel and keep our teeth nice and strong.

VDS tip 3 – If you have the habit of chewing ice – DON’T! I mean it, no questions asked.

VDS tip 4 – Please please please arrange for your dental problems, aches and pains to be looked at BEFORE the Christmas break. We don’t enjoy coming back to voicemail messages from patients agitated from pain. We want you to enjoy your time off and make the most of having strong and healthy teeth. Make an appointment today if you’re experiencing any discomfort!

VDS tip 5 – Use the bottle opener – not your pearly whites! Evolution has developed your teeth to assist you in breaking down food by chewing. Man has made the bottle opener to open bottles. Let’s stick with this method.

VDS tip 6 – Wait at least half an hour after eating to brush your teeth (especially after consumption of sweets). Sugar has a tendency of softening our enamel. If we brush straight after having treats, we could potentially wear off our enamel.

VDS tip 7 Drink lots of water, especially during the hot summer days. Keep your body and mouth hydrated and happy.

VDS tip 8 – We know it’s a busy time and you want to be carefree, relaxed and enjoy the end of one year and the start of another. This doesn’t mean that you can throw your oral hygiene routine out the window – even if it was just for a day! Love your teeth, brush and floss twice daily and have a bloody good Christmas!

Please note that these are merely suggestions because we want the best for you and your smile. Please feel free to do as you wish and have an amazing Christmas holiday.
*SANTA has agreed and approved of these tips!

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the team at Vogue Dental Studios!

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