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The Importance of Kids Oral Health

7th February 2017 | Latest News

The Importance of Good Oral Health for Kids

As responsible adults, we all know the importance of oral care (mainly because the lack of it is costing us fortunes). Not only is it our personal duty to look after our teeth and maintain our smile, but it’s our obligation to ensure that our knowledge is being passed onto our children and those that look up to us for understanding and guidance.

Vogue Dental Studios are endorsing this practice onto all of our young patients. It is extremely vital that we teach them the right routine at a young age. This includes:

 Brushing their teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time, especially along the gum lines.
Less fruit juice, soft drinks and sugary drinks. Water is the best fluid they can have, not only for their oral health, but their overall well-being and future habits.
Break the “sucking” habit. This means no thumb sucking, dummies or fingers. This can cause long term negative effects for the developing enamel of children.
More healthy snacks and meals, less sugary foods. When consumed in proportion, fruits are filled with natural sugars that can be a great snack for kids that have the munchies.
Having their first dentist visit from the age of two years onward allows them to not only get familiar with the dentist, but acknowledge that it is an important, not random, routine in their lives. Parents should not hesitate to bring their child to the dentist immediately if they damage or chip their teeth.
High quality products should be used in the routine of good oral hygiene. This includes strong floss, non-alcoholic mouthwash and regular maintenance of your toothbrushes/brush heads. Parents should start giving their children LOW fluoride toothpaste as your kids develop into their brushing routine. A pea sized amount is the perfect size to start with.

It is essential to guarantee that future generations follow a good oral hygiene routine with strict example. The whole concept of monkey see, monkey do does apply to our everyday lives and children can be highly influenced by what they see and what they’re taught. We’re in charge of building the foundation and base of the structure of our children’s behavior and thoughts. This is why Vogue Dental Studios recommends that all our patients make regular visits to the dentist and take their oral health care seriously. Don’t forget that we only get two sets of teeth in our ENTIRE lifetime!

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