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The Importance Of a Having a Strong and Caring Team

24th January 2017 | Latest News

The Importance Of a Having a Strong and Caring Team

Some of the things you should look for when finding a good dentist is the synergy between the staff. How do they correlate with one another? Are they happy where they are? Yes, it’s important to analyse the skills and quality of work that the practice does, but it’s essential to establish whether they genuinely enjoy what they do. Is that sincere commitment or are they just there for a pay-check?

One of Vogue Dental Studios’ strongest aspects is the hardworking and passionate team that care about you!


1. Come together as a team to achieve a common goal.

“He teamed up with the band to produce the disc”

Synonyms: join (up), join forces, collaborate, get together, come together, band together, work together; MORE

What does a strong team mean?

  • More communication, fewer mistakes
  • Motivational environment where we all strive for excellence
  • We are all responsible for our actions and work together to ensure appointments are smooth and coherent
  • We are all happier!

A strong, caring team is not only important in the workplace, but it applies to many facets of our lives. A team can be your soccer club, group of friends, workmates or your family. Establishing and building on that not only provides delegation and efficiency, but also support and guidance. It is necessary to know where you stand but also that you have people there to help you when you feel like you’re about to fall.


A strong, happy team.
A comfortable and clean environment.
Exceptional variety of Dental work and results.
At least 20+ positive and current client reviews/feedback/word of mouth praise.
Up to date magazines in the waiting room (and a good variety of it).
Friendly phone manner (that isn’t too pushy for you to make an appointment).
Offers cute dental stickers at the end of your appointment.

You don’t someone grumpy who doesn’t want to be where they are, holding a mechanical drill in your face!

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