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Is Stress Affecting your Oral Health?

3rd August 2016 | Latest News

Is stress ruining your teeth

Is Stress Affecting your Oral Health?

There are many factors in life that can render stress. The pressures of work, complications of relationships, lack of sleep, financial burdens and a list of endless matters that can contribute to your growing anxiety.

Well how does this affect your oral health? Just a peak in your mouth can give us a wonderful insight on whether or not you’re experiencing tension. Even the little things like forgetting to brush or floss because you’ve had a 14 hour working day and all you want to do is sleep to changing your eating habits. It all matters!

Having a bad diet including sugary and fast food can not only affect your overall health but encourage the growth of cavities. Listen to your body and at times of stress, don’t feed the angst with destructive habits as a result of limited time. Nourish yourself – your body and teeth will thank you in the long term.

Stress can also reduce your production of saliva which is needed to protect your teeth from plaque. Lack of moisture in your mouth can also increase the sensitivity of your tongue. Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated.

A response of stress that a lot of people may not be aware of is Bruxism. This is the process of grinding your teeth, most commonly in your sleep. Ongoing Bruxism will chip and wear down your enamel. It can also cause jaw lock with possible migraines and headaches as a consequence. Long term grinding could break your teeth and weaken its structure. If you’re experiencing a sore jaw and teeth sensitivity when you wake up in the morning, don’t hesitate – book an appointment with your favourite dentist! Invisalign wearers can also rest assured that their aligners can safeguard them against the effects of grinding.

Don’t have time? MAKE time to maintain your dental appointments and manage your oral health. Bad oral health and stress could generate ulcers and affect your body’s healing ability. This means that recovering from dental treatments and procedure will take extra-long!

RECAP! Don’t forget to:

Give your teeth some TLC brush and floss twice daily.

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By Intan Lay. 

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