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Invisalign for Adults

Barely Detectable

Invisalign is a growing platform of enhancing your smile through nonabrasive and SMARTforce technology. Custom made removable aligners are prepared to cater to each individual, based on their dental needs and aesthetic desires. These aligners are comprised of high grade clear plastic that makes it barely detectable when worn.

Invisalign for adults is the ideal treatment for mature misaligned teeth. It is a difficult feat to combat physical matters in a discreet fashion. This program works perfectly for those who have busy schedules and want minimal interference and impact on their day to day activities and aesthetic appearances. Manage and live your life the way you want to, without any embarrassment whilst your teeth efficiently moves into place.

Invisalign Treatment

Clear Braces Centre aims to accommodate the needs of our valued clients. After initial consultation with our highly trained Doctors of Dental Surgeries, we will be able to establish an appropriate treatment plan to inaugurate the best possible outcome.

Every individual will be taken through a virtual presentation of what the potential outcome of their Invisalign experience. This includes generating data of the previous, current and after status of your teeth with digital image manipulation.

The next stage involves processing impressions of your teeth. Precise evaluation of specific tooth movement will then be assessed in creating your series of personalized aligners.

Each set of aligners are to be worn for approximately 2-3 weeks before upgrading to the next set.

Full treatment will last up to a total of 3-18 months with brief check-ups and everlasting guidance and support.

Manage your Health

Invisalign allows each of its users to go about their life with minimal interference. The removable liners assist in promoting oral hygiene, allowing you to continue your regular periodontal health routine. You’re not limited to eating certain foods and can feel free to do so at any given time.

With developed wear, individuals will also be able to notice the enhancement of their speech and phonetics. As your teeth interchanges into proper positioning, your pronunciation and speech will vastly improve. Invisalign is also known to assist in facial, jaw and neck discomfort. The change of position could potentially boost your bite and reduce the amount of stress and pressure of your muscles. Not only will this treatment aesthetically transform you, it will revolutionize what you thought was normal and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

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