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Beat the Post Wedding Blues!

5th July 2016 | Latest News

How Invisalign can help you beat the Post Wedding Blues!

Your breathing is heavy. You want to hide but all you can do is close your eyes for just a second. A second is all you have before you take the next step. There are hundreds of faces observing your every move. The piano sings loudly but not as loud as your beating heart. Beads of sweat trickle down your temple and then you begin to worry about your make up. Despite the heat of your nervousness, there is a chill that runs down the back of your neck all the way down your spine and you feel sick in your stomach. This is it. There are cameras coming from every direction and then your main concerns come out to play.

Feasting on your insecurities like wolves in the height of the night. Do you smile? On a day like this, you’re expected to. It’s meant to be the happiest moment of your life. If not the happiest, than the most memorable one. The epitome of lifetime events. And then you see him standing there and you want to smile. You want him to know how happy you are; that you are the luckiest girl in the world. But you’re scared. You’re embarrassed. You were always the type of girl that smiled with your lips together or one that laughed with your hand over your mouth. You never showed any teeth in your pictures and you weren’t going to start now.

You hold your lips in a thin line despite every urge telling you to show the world how you truly felt. Show your husband to be that you want to be walking down the aisle. You want him to be proud of you and to see you as the most beautiful thing in the world.

Is this the type of bride that you want to be?

wedding and invisalign

People often talk about wanting to change and yet they refuse to take a step towards fulfilling their goals. It’s easy to say that you want to lose weight but it’s a matter of altering your diet, exercising and committing physically, mentally and emotionally achieving this. For a smile that would last a lifetime, start today.

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By Intan Lay. 

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